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CONTACT US  07737438304 


There's a reason you are laying a new lawn. If it's poor drainage, an uneven surface or the lawn has become compacted, it's best to sort these problems out first.

Drainage: If you have clay soil and rainwater remains on the lowest area of the lawn after a downpour, dig a soakaway (depending on the size of the lawn) of at least 60cm (24 in) wide by 90cm (36 in) deep. Back fill with 60cm of small rubble/stones, 15cm (6 in) of grit/small stones followed by a topping of 15cm of topsoil.
Leveling: One of the most important tasks is to get the plot flat, if you have bumps and hollows in the ground work you'll end up scalping the raised areas and leaving long grass in the depressions when mowing .